Enabling Africa’s Climate Ambition; Strategies to Mobilise Private Capital

Climate investments in the African region are primarily driven by public funds. From the graph developed by the Climate Policy Initiative, access to private capital is low in Africa and high in the other regions of the world. Achieving the transition to net-zero emissions by 2050 requires substantial climate mitigation investment in low and middle-income countries which […]

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Deep Dive into USD 1.27 Trillion Climate Finance Dispersed in 2021/2022 | Who Gave and Who Received?

Examining the data in the graph above, it is evident that in 2021/2022, nearly $1.3 trillion (USD 1.27 TN) was allocated to climate projects, indicating a surge in climate finance. The data, sourced from the Climate Policy Institute’s report on the Climate Finance Landscape, reveals that a significant portion, about 71%, was directed towards climate […]

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