The US/Nigeria Higher Education Program

This is an annual program held in partnership with the United States Department through the US Consulate General Lagos


Trained and hosted 32 Nigerian VCs

The US/Nigeria Higher Education Program has successfully trained and hosted 32 Nigerian Vice Chancellors, providing a unique opportunity for these leaders to gain insights about best practices in higher education. The program has invited and brought together experienced leaders from across the country, who have shared their knowledge and experiences on topics ranging from curriculum design to strategic planning. The program is helping the Nigerian higher education system build capacity and develop more effective, efficient and innovative approaches to delivering quality education.


Explored opportunities for partnerships to enable Nigerians earn US degrees in Nigerian universities

The US/Nigeria Higher Education Program is a great opportunity for Nigerian students to earn US degrees within their own country. Through partnerships with US universities, Nigeria can provide a high-quality education that prepares students for the global economy. The program also creates numerous opportunities for partnerships between Nigerian and US institutions to increase access to higher education, create jobs, and foster economic growth in Nigeria.


Strategic discussions on barriers such as Visa.

The US/Nigeria Higher Education Program is a great opportunity for students from both countries to study and collaborate on a global scale. However, there are several barriers that need to be addressed in order for the program to be successful. One of these is the problem of visa restrictions. Strategic discussions must take place in order to identify potential solutions and overcome this barrier, so that students can benefit from the program.


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