Deep Dive into USD 1.27 Trillion Climate Finance Dispersed in 2021/2022 | Who Gave and Who Received?

Examining the data in the graph above, it is evident that in 2021/2022, nearly $1.3 trillion (USD 1.27 TN) was allocated to climate projects, indicating a surge in climate finance. The data, sourced from the Climate Policy Institute’s report on the Climate Finance Landscape, reveals that a significant portion, about 71%, was directed towards climate […]

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Beyond Oil or Gas | Africa’s Imperative Leadership in the Global Renewable Energy Transition

Securing access to electricity is an urgent necessity for Africans. Renewable energy-powered electricity, beyond its role in addressing climate change, is fundamentally a basic need, akin to essentials like food, clothing, and water. The effectiveness of renewable energy in reaching millions without electricity access surpasses that of oil or gas. This is true, not only […]

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